How Will Your Brand Make Content In 2021?
How Will Your Brand Make Content In 2021?

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How Will Your Brand Make Content In 2021?

For many people, the future is uncertain. Adapting to changing times is more important than ever, and brands have responded. What is content going to look like for brands and companies in 2021? We’ve taken a look back and set our vision forward, providing you with some trends we’re looking out for in the new year.


Collaboration Is Key

The last few years have seen some really unique collaborations among brands. From clothes to comestibles, brands have teamed up with other companies or artists to reach new audiences and excite existing ones. Some of our favorites include:

  • Spotify x Starbucks – The music platform featured a popular playlist curated by Starbucks, while the coffee shop offered free points for engaging with Spotify.
  • Chanel x The Standard Highline – The famed makeup brand teamed up with one of NYC’s most hip hotels to launch a pop-up shop which was equal parts store and marketing.
  • Burberry x Line – In an effort to enter the Japanese market, Burberry partnered with a popular messenger app in the country to provide custom content tailored to the new audience.
  • LEGO x Stranger Things – Netflix doesn’t stop delivering content on its streaming service. The TV behemoth worked with famed toymaker Lego to give its fans a fun set to build from the show.

You don’t have to be Chanel or LEGO to make successful, engaging collaborations. Reach out to community artists or local designers as a start for realizing fun, unique collaborations.


Cut The Cord

More than 31 million American households have cut the cord, quitting cable and turning their attention to streaming content. The winners? Besides The Mandalorian, smart brands are realizing that they can capture these viewers’ attention if their content and cadence get it right. After all, today’s viewers care less about who is creating content or why, and are more interested in being educated and entertained. Think about ways your own brand can create an engaging series online, both informational and fun.

Video is no longer just a conduit for selling a product, but an opportunity to provide deep education, expert insights and real entertainment. Why watch FoodTV when King Arthur Baking will show you how to make mouth-watering cinnamon knots (or anything else) on demand?

Now that Instagram allows live broadcasts from virtually anyone (including AOC playing Among Us on Twitch), and YouTubeTV offers broadcast and cable channels, marketers need to take note. Blurring the lines between video content and marketing can create a whole new, engaged audience for brands.


Throw It Back

TikTok is changing the way a lot of younger people discover music. A guy on a skateboard drinking cranberry juice helped Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, see a huge boost in online streams. It even helped sales of Ocean Spray! The Fleetwood Mac tune first aired in 1977 but thanks to social media and one man’s love of longboarding became a hit to a whole new generation.

Nostalgia is everywhere, especially in Hollywood, with hundreds of remakes alone being produced in the last five years. Style, film, music, and pop culture in general, is throwing it back, so your brand shouldn’t be afraid to as well. Nintendo released a new version of its first console and KFC brought back the colonel. Nostalgia marketing is real, and it works.


Brand Values Actually Matter

Believe it or not, your brand’s values are more important than ever. With the Covid-19 pandemic currently raging, many consumers are noting how their favorite brands are reacting.

Many major brands have taken action to prove to their customers they understand the crisis is real. Chipotle offered free delivery for months while Zoom lifted time limits on calls for schools around the world. Additionally, almost every major American internet supplier promised to keep their clients connected for 60 days at the start of the pandemic even if they couldn’t pay their bill.


Get That Google Snippet

If you haven’t heard of the Google Snippet, you’ve definitely seen it. It’s the fairly recent addition to your Google search results which sets a nice square box around the top result.

Google Snippet Google Snippet

The idea is to answer the reader’s question without having to actually click into the article. It’s now the top destination for SEO gurus looking to reach the most users. The coming year will certainly see a trend towards optimization to land a spot in the Google Snippet.