[X] Check. Now what?
[X] Check. Now what?

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[X] Check. Now what?

Maybe you’ve noticed—things have changed a bit over the last eight months or so. While FATFREE got a good remote-working head start compared to a lot of companies, we were on the same timeline as everyone else when it came to suddenly being holed up at home when we’d normally be out and about. When it comes to having extra time on our hands, we were in the same boat—well, a separate boat six feet away from everyone else’s, but it sure looks the same.

I didn’t know what to do with the hours I would have spent socializing, eating out, shopping or just enjoying a short walkabout. I had plenty of ideas about things I wanted to accomplish, but that just created a new problem—where to start.

At FATFREE, we have a wonderful team of project managers and clear processes that keep the wheels turning and the ship afloat. So I decided to maybe try some of that in my home life—a big shift for my creatively wired brain.

I draw any time I’m on the phone or in a meeting. I’m currently working on a VR game. Naturally, that requires all sorts of graphic assets, so I’m testing some 3D software programs. The game also needs sound, so I’m teaching myself to use new audio software. I purchased an iPad Pro with an Apple pencil so I can minimize the time between drawing a sketch and bringing it to life in photoshop. And tomorrow I’m having a slew of acrylic paint and materials delivered because I want to return to painting more on canvas.

Of course, that’s all in addition to getting my work done and taking a few online classes to up my code game. But even though I’m making progress on a number of creative fronts, I still feel like I should be doing more.

So I took inspiration from our project managers. Thus enters The List.

I’ve never been one to make lists before, but I’ve learned that I love the feeling of satisfaction (cue The Stones or Devo—whichever version you prefer) of checking the box or drawing a line through a finished item.

Now I’m thinking of adding a to-do list app to my list. Just kidding. But I do like the way looking at a list lets me focus on one thing without worrying I’ll forget to do something else. The ability to structure and prioritize my time, especially when I have so much more of it, is keeping me organized and helps me see my accomplishments with every new checkmark.