Close The Deal With A/B Testing
Close The Deal With A/B Testing

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Close The Deal With A/B Testing

If there’s one thing more important than creating a great product or service, it’s A/B testing. Giving users multiple options on your website allows you to see which way the river naturally flows. Testing is standard these days on everything from marketing emails, to product lines, to of course, the checkout process. Testing various user pathways can really change the way your website works and your business operates. Think of all the ways your favorite e-commerce website flows, and how many different, probably worse ways it could function. There’s a reason the flow is the way it is.

Your store’s checkout is the final step between you and a sale, so it’s the perfect place to A/B test the various ways your customers can finish the order process. Below we dive into why people might abandon carts and offer up some ideas for A/B testing that you can try.


Why Do Users Abandon Carts?

There are a lot of reasons people leave a full cart online. A long and confusing checkout process is a likely culprit. Other reasons may include unexpected fees or prices, having to create a user account, a sketchy looking payment process, and even not being able to find where to place the coupon code.

A good rule of thumb is making sure there’s as little distraction on your checkout page or pages as possible. This isn’t the best place to offer upsells and special offers, large branding images, or pretty much anything unrelated to getting the sale done. That being said, not every website or company requires the same type of checkout, and that’s why it’s important to test what your customers find best.


Here Are Some Options For A/B Testing

There are lots of things you can test, but here’s a good place to start.

  • Progress Bar vs Back Button – As your customers go through the checkout process, do they prefer some way to see their progress, or is it easier for them to have a big, fat button letting them go back one step?
  • Guest Checkout vs Required Account – Lots of customers have no interest in creating an account with your brand, but some services, like subscriptions, require one. If your service isn’t a monthly offering, maybe it’s best to allow for users to easily access guest checkout.
  • Single Page vs Multiple Page Checkout – Maybe you want a single step on each page, or perhaps you think it’s easier to have every step on one, longer page. Test it out and see what your customers prefer!
  • Displaying Security Badges vs No Logos – Do your customers care about payment security? Maybe they need to see that security in the form of a logo or icon. Test both options and see if there’s any difference in whether it’s necessary or if placement matters.
  • Call To Action Buttons – There are so many ways to present CTA’s, it’s a good idea to test which ones are easier for your customers to see and more enticing to press. Think options like colors, fonts, boldness, location, and more.
  • Test Your Payment Options – With so many ways to pay these days, it’s a good idea to see which ones your users prefer. Thinking about testing options like PayPal, Visa, coupon codes, and even Bitcoin. Just offering a service might spur users to close the deal.

It’s not hard to A/B test your website. Most hosts like Squarespace and Wix have testing options built into the platform, but remember, it’s important to not just test, but also read the results and take action. You’ll soon see the fruits of your testing labor, allowing you to know your users even better.