It’s all about curb appeal

ADVOCATE clients are accustomed to getting the best. They’re also some of the busiest people you’re likely to meet. To connect with well-heeled prospects as they embark on building their custom dream homes, ADVOCATE sought a website that quickly conveys professionalism, authority, and a commitment to quality. See the site for yourself.


Inspiration in modern architecture

From a trio of concepts, the client selected a design influenced by the linear forms and exposed structures of modern architecture—the style preferred by most of their customers. Imagery that focuses on the end benefit—real homes built by the firm’s clientele—offers strong reasons to believe, while floating navigation and a grid that slides and locks into place add welcome movement.


Placing the reader at the epicenter

FATFREE created significantly expanded content that provides prospects with clear examples of how ADVOCATE helps this time-starved audience hire reliable contractors and avoid conflict throughout the design-build process. 

At the same time, we proposed a more reader-focused voice and tone. FATFREE nailed it on the first round with a friendly, confident, jargon-free approach that shows, not just says, that the company truly makes life easy.

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