5 Simple Ways to Tune Up Your Marketing
5 Simple Ways to Tune Up Your Marketing

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5 Simple Ways to Tune Up Your Marketing

Growing your bottom line should always be one of your marketing goals. A steady increase in sales keeps your business afloat, solves your customers’ pain points, and reflects a healthy marketing plan. But in our ever-changing economy and digital landscape, sluggish sales are a reality for some.

At FATFREE, we’ve learned that effective, marketing solutions can be affordable, quick, and efficient through identifying unique opportunities in your plan and acting on them.

So, before you crumble your creative and start from scratch, check out these five simple techniques to revamp your marketing.


1. Customer Service

A business is not a business without its customers, so it’s vital you listen and respond to them.

Make it easy for your customers to contact you via phone, email, social media, live chat, text, or mailing address. Any way you can communicate with your customers will make a huge difference.

Designate someone on your team to audit your company’s social platforms weekly (minimum). This humanizes and enriches your customers’ experience in our digital world.

If your customer reviews are brag-worthy, sync those reviews straight to your website. This builds credibility, transparency, and overall trust. Reviews are king.


2. Email

According to CampaignMonitor.com, the average person receives 120-130 emails daily. While most of us won’t read them all, as a marketer, it’s your job to motivate as many readers as possible to read your message.

One effective KPI to establish upfront is an email open rate – the percentage of prospects who open your email against the total number of email recipients. Once you have that number, try experimenting with your email’s subject headlines, the first thing readers see in their inbox.

Examples of headlines to test include writing your value proposition differently, including the reader’s name at the beginning of the headline, time/day you send out the email, or using an emoji to grab the reader’s attention.

Try A/B testing your email subject headlines to learn what motivates your readers to open your emails. Utilize these insights against future email campaigns to maximize your success.


3. Analytics

The insights your analytics can discover are invaluable, so make sure you’re utilizing them efficiently.

Say your sales are slow but analytics shows your website traffic is high. You find that 88% of visitors leave your landing page after only seven seconds. Huge red flag.

There are a few ways to approach this. One method is to launch a focus group to collect feedback from participants. You can uncover actionable insights that can strengthen your marketing strategy. Another is a quick five-question survey sent to your top customers.

Maybe you learn the banner headline you’re using to bring prospects to your page is attracting the wrong audience, or your CTA button isn’t working on PC computers.

Analytics can surface opportunities across your business. Find and fix them.


4. Site Performance

Your website is like your own digital salesman—and some salesmen are better than others.

Let’s continue the example that 88% of site visitors leave your landing page after a few seconds. If that’s the case, consider the following:

  • Is your value proposition written clearly and shown at the top of your page, above the fold?
  • Have you A/B tested the color and/or copy of your CTA?
  • Does your page clearly state the specific benefits your customer will receive?

A poorly written value proposition or lost CTA button on a busy page are opportunities to strengthen your website’s success. A great tool to use is Lighthouse, a website auditing app that can improve the quality of your website.


5. SEO

Building a bridge between search engines, like Google, to your website starts with an SEO plan to help prospects find you fast.

A simple exercise is to compile a list of keywords you predict your prospects would “Google” that would connect them to your website.

If I sold car insurance in Maine, some phrases or keywords might include:

  • Car insurance
  • Quality car insurance
  • Affordable car insurance
  • Need car insurance today
  • Best car insurance in Maine

Try incorporating words like “car insurance”, “affordable”, “quality”, “best” and “Maine” at the top of your website, which strengthens your SEO strategy.

These are a few of our favorite techniques. As you dig deeper, you’ll surface the insights needed to grow your marketing plan in the right direction.

For more impactful ideas that can take your marketing to the next level, contact us to set up a free consultation today.