Mouth-Watering Visual Media

Restaurants and CPG manufacturers look to this food tech client to identify coming flavor trends. In addition to new sites for all of the company’s subbrands, we helped them bring their annual forecast to market in a lush magazine.




full days of shooting


reports distributed


FATFREE delivers

Photography and styling
Concept, copy and design
Print production
Web development


“As a photographer, I often end up working on projects that lack creative direction- forcing me to play the part of the photographer as well as the agency. This puts me in a sticky situation as I am then responsible for concept, direction, as well as the photography. Gladly, this was not the case working with FATFREE when I shot a visual campaign for Trends to Taste.

Mike, Dennis, and the entire team were on top of everything from the start, providing me with ample inspiration, direction, and logistical info. Thanks to their sharp focus I was able to envision the images we were going to take before even stepping foot into the studio.

As a result, the images we shot together are some of my favorites I’ve ever taken, and they are still at the front of my portfolio to this day. Our multi-day shoot was smooth as can be. I’d be happy to work with them again anytime!”

— Jason Jamal Nakleh,


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