Long live email marketing
Long live email marketing

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Long live email marketing

Every year, someone writes a think piece about the death of email marketing. And yet, here we are in 2024, and it’s still as powerful as ever. In fact, according to Hubspot, 77% of marketers even reported an increase in email engagement in 2023.

We remain big proponents of the power of email marketing done right. Of course, with as many collective years in the biz as we have, we’ve also seen it done wrong. That’s why our team has shared quite a bit of our email marketing expertise on the blog—to help you maximize the return on your investment in this area.

We’ve rounded up some of our best email marketing wisdom here.


Email fatigue: Prevention is the best cure

Because email marketing is such an effective and cost-friendly channel, it’s easy to overdo it. Particularly when you’ve got a variety of email campaigns going at once, you may inadvertently flood recipients with multiple messages each day.

Hitting someone’s inbox too hard can sometimes drive them to unsubscribe, which is the last action you want your emails to inspire! If you’re worried about email fatigue, Amy Derksen shares her prevention tips.


Email should always be plural: How to boost results with drip campaigns

There are many reasons to love the drip campaign. Sending multiple emails allows you to create a clear journey for readers and break your information into manageable chunks. It’s also an opportunity to appear in someone’s inbox more than once—if they skipped your email the first time, they might open the second or third one.

Read more about the benefits of sending multiple emails in Email should always be plural: How to boost results with drip campaigns.


Your email mantra: Everyone is busy and no one cares

Don’t take it personally when people don’t answer your email—everyone is busy and no one cares.

It may sound harsh, but it’s true! Think about what goes through your mind when you receive a marketing email from a brand that’s not yours.

While it’s true that many people will overlook your emails, there are some tips you can employ to give them the best shot at getting noticed. Check them out in Your email mantra: Everyone is busy and no one cares.


A better way to personalize—email segmentation

Personalization is not simply sticking someone’s first name in the greeting line of your email. It’s about sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Without a crystal ball, that can be hard to do. Segmentation makes it easier. Amy Derksen writes more about the power of this tactic in A better way to personalize—email segmentation.


Perfect your most important customer email

Think about all of the emails your brand sends. Care to wager a guess as to which ones get opened most?

Typically, transactional emails win out. After someone’s purchased from you, they appreciate a little guidance on what they can expect. Whether it’s a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number or a message explaining key features of your SaaS product, people want this extra attention after they hit “place order” on your site.

Larissa Yoshiura shares how to ensure these transactional emails build trust and goodwill in Perfect your most important customer email.


Dark mode is messing up your emails

If you only QA your emails by sending one to your inbox, you may be operating with a major blind spot: Inboxes where dark mode is activated.

The setting is great for tired eyes that need a break from glaring-white screens, but it’s brutal for email marketers. Dark mode automatically adjusts the colors on your email (typically by inverting them), making some text difficult or impossible to read.

If you haven’t considered the potential perils of dark mode inboxes, Larissa Yoshiura has advice to help you navigate these wine-dark seas in Dark mode is messing up your emails.


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